About This Site


This site is operated by [Glass People].

The products we carry are mainly from manufacturers who have a passion for manufacturing and who we feel comfortable working with.

We have summarized the points that people tend to hesitate when shopping online, so please refer to them below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

★ Question 1 I don't know the lens power of my glasses...

1) If the vision in your current glasses is good, we can make them with the same power.

⇒ If you send us your glasses, we will make them with the same power.

⇒ If you contact the store where your glasses were made, they will be able to tell you.

2) It's a bit troublesome, but ask your eye doctor to give you a prescription.

⇒ Please send your prescription by fax or mail.

⇒ Enter the prescription strength when ordering.

3).Made with the same power as contacts.

⇒ In general, glasses and contacts are often made with the same power, so there is no problem.

Please measure only PD (pupillary distance).

4) Have your glasses examined at an optician and be told the prescription.

⇒ If you just do the inspection and don't buy anything, the staff's enthusiasm will drop drastically,

Let's buy some small items!

★ Question 2 I'm worried about the hanging quality and fitting...

This is the biggest problem when it comes to online shopping, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Since we don't see the person's face, it is impossible to get a perfect fit.

However, please rest assured.

Frames from our site will not be shipped unaltered.

Based on our experience, we have made adjustments to ensure that you are generally satisfied.

Unlike the old adjustment of hanging the ear by adjusting the temple along the ear,

Currently, fittings that cover the entire head are mainstream.

Therefore, it is no longer a completely different adjustment for each individual as it was in the past.


If you have a request such as "wider" or "narrower", we will consider it.

If you send us glasses that have the same shape as these glasses, we will do our best to adjust them so that they are the same shape.

★ Question 3 Are you confused between this shape and that shape, or...

I have received inquiries like this before.

“What kind of color is ○○?”

“How much is the size difference between ○○ and ○○?”

I had a few conversations over the phone,

I think the quickest way is to see the real thing.

"Okay, I'll send you both, so choose the one you like."

In the end, during our phone conversation, I said, ``Maybe this is the one,'' but he chose the one I had said.

I think being able to actually hold it in my hands and check it out gave me peace of mind about the purchase.

So, if you are also confused, please contact us.

・You can't really understand unless you actually see the product.

・I want to look at the subtle differences in shape before making a decision.

・I'm not sure which color to choose.

If this is the case, please contact us.

This may not be possible for all products, but

We will help you make a decision after picking up the product.

★ Question 4 If you feel uncomfortable with the power of your lenses...

When you get new glasses, you may feel some discomfort.

There may be several reasons, please refer to the following.

Reason 1): The frequency is different in the first place.

Needless to say, the test will need to be repeated.

This may seem obvious, but surprisingly there are people who wear glasses that don't have the correct prescription.

Reason 2): Difference in lens design

There are two types of lenses: spherical and aspherical. The aspherical design allows for thinner lenses.

There are advantages.

Currently, aspherical designs are mainstream, but spherical designs provide a more natural appearance when the power is weak.

It is also true that it becomes easier.

If the power is strong to a certain extent, a spherical design will have a harder time seeing than an aspheric design even with the same power.

It will look different. (I feel the frequency is strong)

Reason 3): Differences due to Abbe number

Eyeglass lenses have a refractive index, such as 1.60 refraction or 1.67 refraction.

The higher the refractive index number, the thinner the lens.

At the same time, the larger the refractive index, the worse the Abbe number tends to be (although it is not proportional to the number)

It is located in

The larger the Abbe number, the more natural it looks, and the smaller it is, the more it feels strange.

It is located in

1.50 refraction > 1.60 refraction > 1.56 refraction > 1.74 refraction > 1.67 refraction

The higher the refractive index number, the thinner the lens.

On the other hand, the Abbe number tends to be inferior.

For people with weak dioptric power, prioritizing Abbe's number over thinness will provide a more natural vision and will not cause any discomfort.

On the other hand, if you have a strong prescription, prioritizing thinness over Abbe's number will give you a cleaner look.

Reason 4): Differences due to frame curve

The most common reason for discomfort is this difference due to the frame curve.

As mentioned in the spherical and aspherical design of lenses, if the power is the same,

I feel the spherical design is stronger.

Similarly, the stronger the frame curve, the stronger the power will feel.

By making the frame curve flatter, the discomfort will almost disappear.

Most of the time when you feel discomfort in one side of the glasses with the same prescription, it is because of this difference in frame curve.

It depends.

*As an aside, even though the mainstream of lenses is a flatter aspherical design,

Frames with more curves are becoming more popular year by year.

★ Question 5 I want to make a bifocal one, but...

Although it is possible to make it with bifocal lenses,

Currently, we do not have a system in place to order from the cart.

The reason is clear;

For bifocals, the eye point (the position of the eyes when wearing glasses) is very important.

If the actual eye point and the lens eye point are misaligned, the lens will not function as intended.

I sometimes hear comments like "bifocals are scary" and "difficult to use."

There are individual differences, so some people may not be able to get used to it, but due to this eye point discrepancy,

There are many people who find it difficult to use and cannot get used to it.

So, if you would like to make one for bifocals, please contact us in advance.

We would like you to consult with us and make your purchase in a way that you are satisfied with.