American Optical

Since 1833, American Optical (AO) has been dedicated to making eyeglasses that are "more stylish," "more functional," and "more accessible." For more than 150 years, as America's oldest eyeglass manufacturing company, we have continued to create eyeglasses that represent the times without being bound by preconceptions, creating many iconic models.

The launch of AO continues that inspiration, backed by a history spanning many topics.


Style that reflects confidence

Style comes from confidence. By balancing form and function, AO created many of the styles beloved by world-class leaders in the mid-20th century. Among them, Saratoga established a solid style by being worn by John F. Kennedy. The confident President Kennedy was often seen wearing the Saratoga not only during national events but also on private yacht cruises, and it became a style admired by many Americans.


JFK visited Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1961. Wear SARATOGA.


Quality that won't disappoint

Since its establishment in 1833, AO has been deeply recognized for its quality level. As a long-time supplier of flight goggles to the U.S. military, and as the first company to create aviator sunglasses, it's no surprise that AO was asked by NASA to supply sunglasses for lunar exploration crews. . The Original Piloto (then FG-58) was included in the survival kit and carried by all 11 crew members. Whether in cars, ships, airplanes, or space shuttles, AO has been used in many situations due to its high quality standards and robust construction.


The FG-58 actually used by the Apollo 11 crew is on display at the Smithsonian Institution.


Design that attracts attention

Some movies and their characters are timeless and beloved. Same goes for some sunglasses. AO's classic style has been used in a wide range of genre films, including ``Vertigo'' and ``Taxi Driver.'' Its atmosphere never fades over time. It is also true that AO's quality standards and strict manufacturing specifications have contributed to the fact that it has been loved as a "true original" for a long time.


Paul Newman cuddling up to his wife Joanne Woodward on a movie set (wearing Original Pilot)

Robert De Niro plays Original Pilot in ``Taxi Driver'' in 1976.


Integrated production in America.

The AO Relaunch Collection is reprinted with the focus on quality that can be used for a lifetime. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in our workshop in Illinois.
By using machines and manual labor as necessary and striving to optimize processes, we continue to achieve calculated comfort and quality.


We will always provide the best lenses, both now and in the future.

Since 1876, AO has been recognized and admired for its top quality lenses. When developing sunglasses for pilots, we also developed lenses with exquisite tints that can reduce strain on pilots' eyes and irritation from their vision. From the Sky Master glass lenses that guarantee extremely clear vision to the ultra-lightweight AO Lite nylon lenses, AO has always offered the best lenses.


Original Pilot

A best-selling AO product that has been used by the U.S. military since its debut in 1958.


Developed for U.S. military pilots,
A unique pair of aviator sunglasses.


Faithfully reproduced with all details
The most famous and timeless sunglasses.


A model created in the mid-1950s,
A detailed reproduction with a modern design.